Residential Security Services

Leumas Security Services considers it a sacred trust to keep your family and personal property secure. That also means maintaining your privacy even beyond our working relationship. Our services include:

  • Armed and unarmed guards

  • Assessments: Home and/or home-based business

  • Assessments: Residential or mixed-use complex

  • Executive protection

  • Private training

What Are Residential Security Services?

Residential security services are those designed to protect what is most precious to clients and their family members in the places they call home. These services can be provided for communities of single-family homes, individual homes, multi-unit rental complexes, or individual rental units. Assessments can include providing resources to address security concerns that may be identified.

Why Is Residential Security So Important?

Residential security is important because, according to the FBI, property crimes occurring in American homes account for billions of dollars in losses every year. In addition, millions of Americans are victimized by physical attack or theft every year in their home (house or apartment, owned or rented), car, or other property. The places where everyone should feel safest prove to be unsafe. We believe that in many cases, upgrades in residential thinking, practices, and processes can make a difference.

Who Should Use Residential Security Services?

Residential security services are used by individuals who own and/or operate single-family home communities, single-family homes, apartment complexes, individual rental houses or units, and sites where individuals may reside for short or long periods of time (such as mobile home parks and camping sites). These services are also used by hotel and motel operators, including those that provide short-term and long-term housing within the same development.