Private Investigation Services

There are times when your word is not enough to prove your point. Our private investigative services have helped clients successfully conclude cases involving:

  • Child custody and divorce support fraud

  • Murder/violence

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Property damage and possession surveillance

  • Workers’ Compensation claims

What Are Private Investigation Services?

A private investigator can help you find information and people. At Leumas Security Services, a client is paired up with a private investigator to help resolve the client’s issue. The investigator can find documentation such as court records, government agencies' filings, vital statistics, property ownerships, vehicle and vessel records, photographs, witness statements, etc. The duties of private detectives and investigators depend on the needs of the client.

Why Is Private Investigation So Important?

Private investigations are important because they help people find the truth. They can be used to find information on drug trafficking, insurance fraud, or even if someone is lying about their credentials. Private Investigators are needed in a variety of cases because everyone has secrets that they want to keep hidden.

Who Should Use Private Investigation Services?

Private investigators are often hired to uncover fraud, or more serious criminal activity. This type of investigation is conducted in order to collect evidence that can be used in court. Private detectives are trained in the art of collecting evidence without being seen by the person they are investigating. Anyone who feels that they have been lied to or defrauded in any way will benefit from the services of a private investigator.