Do you have a passion for the security industry? Are you looking forward to protecting and serving others? If so, Leumas Security Services could be the right place for you! Working with us is a fulfilling experience that will offer you the opportunity to protect and help people, as our founder Samuel Griffin III has been for almost 3 decades.

A job in the private security sector is a fulfilling role to take on because It helps those who are on the path to becoming a city, state, or federal law enforcement officer.”

This role changes your life because it allows you to work in different environments and helps you get the experience needed to polish your skills whatever they might be.”

  • Some of the benefits you experience as a private security professional include:
  • Unarmed training
  • Handcuff training
  • Arrest Authority
  • Upkeep of your firearm, how to lock and properly store it
  • How to disassemble, clean, and reassemble a firearm.
  • Shotgun training
  • Range target practice that is scored
  • How to get your concealed handgun permit
  • Much more for those who want to learn….

Choosing to work with Leumas Security you are provided with a great start to your Private Security Profession. Working with our company has produced police officers, federal and state officers, and business owners. Our letters of recommendation and interviews with the federal government have allowed many of our employee's advancement in the law enforcement fields of their crossing. Our training of observing the rules and regulations of our company and sites worked is the foundation to starting your career. Understanding being quick to listen and slow to speak has blessed us to date without the incident of any guards and sites intact.

We encourage you to let us know you are interested below. If you meet the following requirements.

  • Must be DCJS unarmed certified with 1 year of experience.
  • Must be able to work weekends and some holidays.
  • Must have reliable transportation to get to assigned location 15 minutes before your shift to be debriefed by security officer or manager on duty of site working.
  • Must be able to work overnight shifts and work with other officers.
  • Must be able to write nightly reports during shift and summarize your evening in writing daily.

Currently, certified security officers are needed. The pay starts at $15hr ~ $20 hr depending upon experience and certifications.

Guards are needed in Danville, Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Reston Virginia areas.

On-call certified security officers are needed for the Danville & Richmond, VA areas. On-call guard's hourly rate starts at $25hr with daily pay for short-term job assignments.

Do You Want To Be A Security Professional?

Why is having a security career important to you? Do you have what it takes to keep people safe, as well as whatever they hold dear? Let us help you find out.

Take our quick evaluation of your readiness to serve as a security professional here.