Consulting Services

Do you have specific needs that must be handled with the utmost care? Leumas Security Services is proud to offer personalized solutions, including:

  • Assessments: business or home

  • Process servers

  • Security plans

  • Security presentations

  • Speaking engagements

What Is Security Consulting?

Security consultants assess all security measures for their clients. They analyze security systems, detect potential threats, and supervise the implementation of solutions. A security consultant may oversee operations for a single individual or entity, or serve more than one client at a time. The services may be contracted directly, or through a bigger firm, to help individuals and/or organizations understand where their security measures may need patching.

Why Is Private Security Consulting Important?

Security consulting is an important tool that helps individuals and companies keep themselves and those they are responsible for safe. It can guide decisions on everything from security system selection and installation, to personal practices that can decrease individual vulnerability.

Who Should Use Private Security Consulting?

Private security consulting is a great option for individuals who want to feel safer in their homes and/or businesses. Those who are preparing to decide what systems, processes, and protocols are best for their specific needs find that a security consultant can save them time, money, and stress..