Campus Security Services

Few places can have as wide a variety of people, places, and interests as a school, especially at the high school and college levels. Leumas Security Services support educational campuses by providing:

  • Armed and unarmed guards

  • Plain Clothes guards

  • Roving Patrol

  • Security consulting

  • Speaking engagements

What Are Campus Security Services?

Educational campuses are a special type of public venue. They are somewhat closed to the general public, but they are places where large numbers of people gather without necessarily knowing each other beforehand. Campus security services help ensure the safety of students, educators, administrators, and staff in these educational environments.

Why Is Campus Security So Important?

Campus security is important because schools are designed to be places where community members of all types assemble to learn about and discuss information and issues that affect them all, so their safety must be maintained. Differences of opinion about issues and information that may spark confrontations must be peacefully managed. Natural urges to impress, compete against, and challenge friends and rivals alike must also be kept under control. If violence does occur, well-trained personnel must be positioned for a quick response.

Who Should Use Campus Security Services?

Campus security services are used by education providers who want to expand their existing security force, assess their security systems, and train staff as well as students on the importance of security and security practices.